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same blaming the other party for the sense conducted by their party. both parties. my friends, the time has come not to revisit history, but make history. for republicans to say like those at a.a. meeting they are recovering spendaholics and learn the hard way, no easy way. for democrats to say they have taken this our way or the highway approach before and there must be a better way now. both parties spend more on what we have. the time has come to deal with the mess. they are told beyond to see other guys' mess. they are saying loud and clear to me, fix it. or all of you guys' job.
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i'm telling you. i know i can say the weight thing is a thyroid thing. but pretty soon,be you got to stop it. quit making excuses. let's get to work. quit punting and pushing down. get to work. and now. ♪ >> eric: this is a fox news alert. police say the shooting this afternoon in houston,be texas, at lone star college appears to be under control. three people have been hospitalized. a couple of gunshot wounds. two people are in custody. we will keep you posted throughout the hour if any developments come in. hello, i'm eric bolling with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, danebe dane, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: the a.p. captured this shot moments after president obama delivered the most liberal speech of the political career.
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now just orve 24 hours after delivering what i call the obama manifesto, liberal media is weighing in on the inaugural address. calling it a firmly aggressive agenda. obama was on offense for liberalism. abc said obama recited a litany of liberal ideals. for once, the main stream media and i agree. not a moderrist or centrist. he is a left winger. the debate is over. >> some call it the most liberal speech he delivered. >> the most liberal speech that barack obama has given. >> this is very liberal. >> this is what he stakes his secondbe term on. >> liberals calling president obama's speech very liberal. >> bob: i don't think it's liberal enough.
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is it liberal speech in your manifesto? yes, i guess it was. guy rights is that a manifesto. is entitlements the manifesto? maybe you don't like the idea of the global -- >> eric: can we listen? >> we will respond to the threat of climate change. knowing it would portray the children and future generation. the yourny is not complete until we welcome the hopeful immigrants that see america as the land of opportunity. >> the commitment we make to each other. they don't make us a maker of takers. they free us to take the risks that make this country great. >> immigration and hands off entitlement. >> bob: what is a problem for you? immigrations, they come to this country? >> eric: stay around the
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table. surprise that it's hands off my entitlements were the main themes in the speech. >> andrea: he shirked the issue of entitlements altogether. he talked about taking collective action. he could have said action. but collectivism implies action on behalf of the state. there are rules for competition and fair play. but how he talks about fairness is not now we view fairness but fairness to ensure equal outcomes, even if the starting lines are different. the rules are determined by president obama. he doubled down on the you didn't build that comment. where not one person can educate every child in america. that is false argument. no one will argue one person can do it. it underlines his argument.
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obama you can't do it. it's radical. >> eric: i know you want to weigh in. yesterday, i think we failed as a show yesterday. we didn't tap in your -- no, >> greg: you failed. >> eric: we did. >> dana: collectively. >> eric: you experienced two of them, right? >> dana: only one. 2004. >> eric: tell us what goes through in president's mind for speech writing. >> dana:be in some ways they say wow it's so liberal. it was different from other inaugurals, from the liberal or the democrats. they tend to be lofty in rhetoric. then the "state of the union" address coming february 12. three weeks. we get to have another big speech. this speech was lot like his dnc speech at the convention.
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there are things he's not planning to do anything about. one is gay marriage. he talked about the position last june when he announced that, he said in the interview he did not plan to push for constitutional amendment. especially no legislation i'm aware of that he is planning to push. then on climate change. he didn't do anything for the last four years except for some things to make it difficult for coal fired power plants to operate. but he is actually not going to be able to do anything to stop it. you don't read between the lines and say we like it. it was really good! >> greg: i have a problem with this, what is wrong with this? what is wrong coming out as a leftist in the media thinks it's great.
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at least now they are admitting it and it's out in open. i said this a while ago. at some point, obama is coming out of a closet as a liberal. some thought they were making remarks. >> bob: represents the majority of the american people. >> greg: wait. bob is doing what i predicted. he is not really that liberal. >> bob: i'm not saying he is not liberal. not enough for me. >> greg: most of america is center right. >> bob: you can argue that. >> eric: but he didn't say any of these things when was running to become president. when you run for office you run to the right. >> greg: conservatives and liberals both run to the right. >> bob: conservatives don't run to the right. they run to the middle. >> greg: reagan ran on ideology. this is sad that president obama focuses on progressive social issues that appear to the white elitist vegan in the upper west side. while there are millions of blacks suffering.
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try explaining to a victim of gang violence in chicago how great a windmill when you are dealing with real suffering. he has the pulpit and the opportunity to speak to millions of americans. he hasn't done enough. too busy throwing bouquets to the left when he should be thinking of all of america. >> bob: look at that. >> andrea: did you notice the children, our journey is not complete until the children from the street. to greg's point? what children tid he leave out? chicago. you want to talk about chicago? they don't want to talk about chicago. this line made my head spin. we must make the hard choices to reduce the cost of healthcare. i thought that's what obamacare was for. why did we pass huge entitlement in the middle of the night that no one read to reduce cost when that was the mantra for doing it. >> eric: can i play sound. liberals are winning the political race, dividing the right. center right, disagreeing with conservatives. but the new obama manifesto, will it create an opposite
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effect by uniting the right? here are guys you don't often see but makes a point that obama may have pushed too far to the right this time. listen. >> talking points disagrees with president obama's priority. it's impossible to do with what the president wants to do. >> it is unlike anything i have ever seen. there is no -- not even the pretense anymore in the media of being dispassionate or objective. >> eric: has president obama gone so far west with the agenda that the conservatives in the center right may actually unite and say wow, we can't have more of this. >> dana: that happened in 2010. when the republicans had historicbe wins in the mid-term elections after the stimulus and obamacare. the things go through cycles. remember james carville wrote the democrats,be the democrat party is over. then two years later, "the
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republican party is over." it will take a while to find out what they can do on the right. when it comes to the left, one thing that is amazing is the difference between how they talk about obama versus bush. they hated the way president bush walked. it drove them crazy. then when president obama runs downstairs and that's so cool. like the little things, i try not to be reactionarybe on some of these things. there are so many kids that can't even do math when they get out of school. inequality, if you are concerned about it, that is a big problem. not climb change, which won't do any good for anybody. >> eric: when i say the left, main stream media leaning left. will they say the honeymoon is
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over, sir? too much for -- >> greg: absolutely not. this is what the media wants. remember the game shows that the kids were allowed an hour to run crazy in toy store? the next four years is that. for the media academic complex. window to get everything you need to ensure survival. by 2016 i hope to marry my ferret. >> bob: you all sitting around the table are out of the mainstream. american people are more with obama on immigration and gay rights. majority of american people -- >> greg: how do i feel about gay rights? what are you talking about? >> dana: let's ask. >> bob: gay rights. gay marriage? you don't need constitutional amendment. >> dana: who talks about gay marriage anymore? name the republican who out front on that? >> bob: they duck on it. >> dana: name one. there isn't. >> bob: i will give you every republican --
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>> dana: talk about gay marriage? [ overtalk ] >> greg: i was for gay marriage before obama. >> eric: look at the mainstream media swoon over barack obama. watch. >> reminds me of lincoln in that speech. gettysburg address. second inaugural itself. >> i was moved. to be up there in frozen crowd. >> president went past where i am now, i will wave to the president. >> i can see the president right now in the limo. >> mr. president, mr. president, is the weather good? that's fantasticbe! >> wow! >> that is huge! >> wow! >> yes! >> eric: surprised by that? >> greg: you don't think obama and reagan got that response? >> andrea: they want to pinch themselves and talk about how smart he was.
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maureen dowd talked about the super brain. he is so smart. dan pfeiffer said we don't have the opportunity or should haven't the opportunitybe to deal with someone like president obama he is so great. the point bobbe was making about republicans, it is a strong man. to talk about how republicans destroy themselves on immigration,be i don't think so. i don't think they destroy themselves on gay rights. the issue that will uneem they can is the second amendment and spending. two things that president obama is on the wrong side of. >> bob: allow social security to go to the -- >> greg: but when you see that behavior with al roker almost pooping himself, you got to ask yourself -- >> eric: i knew you would go there. >> greg: what can president obama do to screw it up with the media? the media ignored the gas crisis, ignored benghazi. there is no way for obama to lose the relationship with the media for four years. >> eric: we have to go. directbely ahead.
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today is 40th anniversary of roe v. wade. a pro-abortion group is making a mockery of protecting unborn kids. watch. >> all these years, so many people said we'd never make it. they have been trying to tear us apart. take you away. >> eric: the name of that video. happy 40th anniversary, baby. we'll show you the rest of the video when we come right back. ♪ ♪
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>> andrea: today is the 40th anniversary of roe v. wade. controversial supreme court ruling that legalized abortion. one pro-choice group, center for reproductive rights put out a video featuring actor that celebrates the anniversary. >> hey, baby. did you think i forgot? i didn't forget. how could i ever forget our anniversary? all these years, so many
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people said we'd never make it. they have been trying to tear us apart. take you away. put limits on you. not me. but every time we have proven ourselves stronger, the anniversary like this is not something that you forget. no, no, no, no, baby. this is something that you fight for. that's exactbely what i'm going to do, baby. that is how much you mean to me, baby. us. for all of us. so with that, happy anniversary, baby. looking good for 40. hmm, hmm, hmm. >> andrea: hmm. well, i don't know how many times he said, "baby" but a lot. if you missed it in the tease, earlier the name of the video "happy 40th anniversary,
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baby." so, i just have to say if you are pro-life, or if you're pro-choice, i think everybody can agree there is something tasteless about this ad, dana. it seems to glorify and sexualize abortion. you know what? i don't think one woman out there celebrates the anniversary of her abortion. >> dana: the whole thing is chilling. who comes up with this? flips it around to think about how they can get someonebe to be provocative enough to get to us talk about it. in the past campaign in 2012, roe v. wade was called settled law. i understand why both sides are so passionate about how they feel. this makes a mockery of the pro-choice movement. >> andrea: it is also pretty
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insensitive to women who have had abortions, too. >> dana: certainly. >> greg: a barry white song. >> andrea: they put a man out there. honestly, do we as women, whether you're pro-life or not do we want to hear a man who has no idea what it's like to be pegnant or have an unexpected pregnancy lecturing us or trivializing it? >> greg: i thought this was a pro-life ad making light of the caleer attitude toward abortion. no it was just cavalier attitude toward abortion. if they had guts they would have said a child saying hi, mom, i would have respected your right to abort me. but they never would have done that. there is something disturbing using african-american man doing this. like racist ad, aryan nation group did it. put a black guy up there to say thank you for the abortion. all of it doesn't work.
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>> andrea: do you think this guy should fire his agent? he didn't have enough common sense to say why would i participate in an ad that should be offensive to anybody no matter what their belief on abortion? >> eric: i cannot believe he agreed to do the ad thinking like it was a serious ad. he thought it was a joke, funnier ad. it strikes me that the group center for reproductive rights, obviously far left group. the far left is so emboldened that they think something as outrageous as this could go mainstream. first, pull the ad. number two, they should apologize. >> eric: they should. you are pro-life. pro-life democrat. >> bob: yeah, but let me say i think it was embarrassment. he ought to be embarrassed about it. i can't imagine pro-choice
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movement is excited about it. but you said the far left is always this way. 70% of american people do not want to overturn roe v. wade. this is not a leftist issue. >> eric: not what i said. i said the far left is emboldened now because of president obama leftist agenda they can put garbage like that up. >> bob: you are assuming that the people on the board of that group -- >> dana: he is not saying that. he is talk about the communication ability -- >> bob: oh, okay. >> andrea: it's so insensitive. i don't think a woman who is pro-choice who had an abortion or thinking about one would look at that ad and say yeah, this is something to celebrate. i'm going to have a drink and think back on the day i did it. it's so disgusting. >> dana:be in the statement,be i guess it's a statement. not really explaining the ad, but basically they try to make him hide behind all the other actors and actresses to say that he joined a long line of aboutbors like kevin bayson,be kyra sedgerick, meryl streep
2:24 pm
and many more. maybe they should say if they agree with the ad. >> bob: i used to be pro-choice. but the fact that mississippi and north dakota there is only one person who will give an abortion, pass by legislators over predominantly white males. >> andrea: we have to go. it should be pointed out they also said in the statement the reason that they are cutting the ads is because people are sit and tired of politicians telling them what to do so maybe it should come from a celebrity. real smart. golfer mickelson is teed off high taxes and took a twick about president obama in the home state of california. but then, bill took it back. why did he apologize? we'll try to figure that out next on "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: awful discussion going on here. all right. so golf star phil mickelson now regrets saying that he'd leave california over high taxes. the state just boosted rates and for every buck that phil makes 63 cents go to the government. which oddly pays for obama's golf. mickelson apologized to anyone he may have upset or insulted. but who did he upset or insult? it's not like he said hey, i am leaving california because there are too many gay samoans. everyone knows there aren't enough. no, he didn't offend a race, orientation or even a size. no, phil just invented the pre-emptive apology. could there -- >> dana: yep. freddie before there could be
2:30 pm
outrage, he already folded. that's where we are in this sad, sad world, place where the successful live in fear of offending people who think their success is a sin. like lens burrman, syracuse professor, they have them there, who blogs. referring to his wealth he tells phil do you have idea how lucky you are? professor, do you have luckys? do you have any idea how lucky you are? look at your gigs. where there are no standards, no win-loss columns, no performance review, chance for injury or criticism from the demanding audience. no young bucks pushing you out of the door. no wonder you believe success comes at the cost of others because success has never been asked of you. that is the beauty of being professor at syracuse. you will never know how lucky you are or how good you are. >> dana: they don't have green jackets there, either.
2:31 pm
freddie let's do a call for -- >> greg: let's do a call for. finances and taxes are a personal matter and i should not made my opinion on them public. i apologize for those i offend or insulted. i don't want to finish this. is the pre-emptive apology the new apology? >> andrea: maybe. but i have a feeling because he is on the tour and they don't like the political attention they may have pulled him in and said clarify this. for reason he wants to keep making more money. i don't think he should have done it, though. he was right the first time. >> eric: i wouldn't doubt the tour suggested he pull it back. i think the advertisers, the people paying the other $55 million of $60 million he makes a year said hey, don't alien knit half the people buying our products. accounting services. >> andrea: that's the reason the tour would tell him, too. we don't like the headlines
2:32 pm
and controversy. >> greg: he is saying the truth. tiger wood agree with him. people are leaving california for tax reasons. tiger woods left. >> dana: when they leave and they have problems and raise thongs the remaning people there. gosh, where did everybody go? you saw that governor perry in texas, extended invitation come live here. which he did with businesses to get them to go there. i really don't like the preapology apology nation status. he says taxes are a personal matter. it's actually not. we all know how much he makes. also, the i.r.s. knows act exactly how much he makes. >> greg: you must love pre-emptive apologies, because you do them. >> bob: i do. you are right. i think there are certain categories of wealthy people. who get paid an awful lot of money for doing an awfully little bit. hedge funds operators are among that group. if i were a hedge fund operator taking $1 billion a year in connecticut because i
2:33 pm
was ripping off the market, i would probably apologize for that. if i were phil mickelson, most people think they are paid a lot of money. >> eric: ripping off? >> bob: yes. rip off. >> eric: hedge funds ripping nauf do you have basis for that? >> bob: i have inside information. >> greg: stick to golfers. the market bear what is he gets paid. >> eric: california wants to charge 13.3% state income tax on earnings. knock yourself out. they will take governor perry off. and governor scott up in florida where they have zero state income tax and move. sarkozy is leaving france because of high taxes. eventually we are going to get it. high taxes drive people away from high-tax state and countrys. >> bob: going to texas? i lived in texas. want to live in texas? >> andrea: what is ironic it hurts the welfare state in the
2:34 pm
end. it hurts the programs. you need the individual. it's not -- collectivism doesn't work without the small business. >> greg: yeah. >> dana: other thick the left does is they are good at getting you to shut up. they don't want conservatives to talk. freddie that was the pre-emptive apology. >> bob: left doesn't want conservatives to talk? >> dana: right. >> bob: you talk more than anybody i know. dabs i want the word count of the show. >> bob: good idea. four against one. >> andrea: i apologize for what i say in the rest of the show before i say it. >> greg: okay. good to know. >> dana: preapology accepted. >> greg: we should apology in the "a" block. >> dana: where do i apologize -- what do i apologize for? >> greg: where to start. the things you say in break. pickbetures of your dog. coming up, the world's most eligible bachelor -- kidding about the dog. prince harry, royalty stories. great. he opens up about marriage and settling down and naked pictures in vegas.
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i'm bret baier in washington. big story here congressional action on the debt ceiling. tonight on "special report" we are one day away from a vote on a house republican bill to increase the country's bar rowing limit for four months. one of the strings attached is a sus specific of lawmakers' pay if they do not approve a budget by april 15. the politics and the policy here. the white house is not giving te tails on how president obama plans to fulfill the promises he made in the inaugust ration speech monday. but he will get an opportunity to rule on the controversial keystone xl oil pipeline. the governor of nebraska approved the new proposed route. this is the 40th anniversary of the roe v. wade decision that legalized
2:40 pm
abortion. we will get a status report on the four-decade long battle. plus a preview of secretary clinton's testimony on benghazi tomorrow and where the survivors of the terrorist attack. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to my colleagues at "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: most of us know him as prince harry. in the military and at greg's house they call him captain wham. third in line for the british throne returned from 20-week deployment to afghanistan. talked to reporters before leaving and asked about fighting the taliban. >> you have and you will kill the enemy? >> yeah. lots of people have. you know, they have been out here. everyone fired a certain amount. probably a little more than -- [ inaudible ] but just the way it is.
2:41 pm
>> take a life to save a life. that's what we revolve around, i suppose. people trying to do stuff. we will -- [ inaudible ] >> dana: he is a cutie, andrea. >> greg: that is sexist. all of you. >> dana: i am very sexist. all right. >> greg: that will end up taken out of context. >> dana: all right. let me ask you something. one of the things that he said is that it is importantbe to be out there to cover the guys on the ground. he is a helicopter pilot this time around. he loves being in the military because he can be a regular guy. >> andrea: i think prince harry should step down from the royalty. he complained in the interview about his privacy being infringed upon. he med a great point. he joined the military -- that is so cool, too. the fact he would fight the taliban. he didn't have to. he could party and not care.
2:42 pm
>> dana: he said he had been in danger and shot at it. >> andrea: but he can't complain about the nude pictures saying they invaded my privacy. >> eric: isn't that why he went back, because he was sent back because of the -- >> dana: no. he went to vegas because he was about to be sent to afghanistan. like one last hooray. >> bob: pre-war party. >> greg: i hate stories about royalty and i said that is why we fought a war so we don't have to talk about the royalty. however, the royalty really is their celebrity. and it's kind of cool that their celebrities kill taliban. imagine if like matt damon or zack effron put out a movie and they went out and killed taliban and came back. that would be kind of neat. i think it's kind of fun that they got, the royalty goes out there and does some good work. >> bob: wasn't it true that the royalty almost have to go to the military? prince charles fought. >> dana: a tradition they have gone in. on the nude photo in vegas he talked about his privacy being
2:43 pm
invaded. listen. >> i let myself down, my family down and other people down. at the end of the day i was in a private area. i was entitled to privacy that one should expect. back home my close friends rallied around me and was great. it was being too much on me and not enough prince. simple case of that. >> dana: um,be um -- if you could only hear what was being said while that was running. >> eric: speculating on -- >> dana: no. not talking about that at all. one other thing. i'm going to one more thought before we get in trouble here. marriage and family, is he eligible? >> i don't think you can stop the urge to settle down. you find the right person, settle down and it takes time. especially for myself and my brother. you don't find someone to jump in the position it would hold. simple as that.
2:44 pm
>> dana: he said he is -- did you know he is very excited to become an uncle? he is hoping -- >> dana: you are you changing the subject? listen, i only can say -- >> bob: i have no celebrity. but having your pictures taken, if there is a picture of me i'm safe. nobody would want to do that. but you two are in trouble. >> dana: you got me totally offtrack. it studied so hard for this segment. >> greg: i have an important point. >> dana: make a point. help me. >> greg: when the babies story start can we have a pass card made so if anybody on "the five" doesn't want to be on the segment when they talk about the royal baby, we put the pass card down and leave. anybody you want from the street, anybody out there, we grab them, we get them through security. they sit here and they do it instead. wouldn't that be awesome? >> dana: the segment. >> greg: the baby card gets you out. >> dana: that person has to come in and talk about kate middle top's baby. >> greg: it should be gregg
2:45 pm
jarret in spandex. >> dana: he is not off the street. so all right, that was a complete disaster. >> andrea: bob of all people, lectured you and i about naked photos. >> bob: no, i said you two were at risk. i wasn't at risk. >> dana: wait until you have coming up. high school teacher arrested for having sex with her student, and escaped jail by marrying the teams she allegedly victimized. would the same rules applied to a man? we'll debate this when we come back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bob: this also has to do with sex. former high school teacher in north carolina accused with having sex with her students is a lucky lady today. 42-year-old leah gale shipman of north carolina arrested in 2009 for statutory rape for having sex with 15-year-old.
2:50 pm
they always have three names. jopny ray issem. >> dana: he was the victim. >> bob: after she married the team you can't testify against your spouse. the day she cut the deal with the prosecutors johnny ray got arrested for breaking and entering. is this a fair deal? andrea, what do you think? >> andrea: no. the story is sick. >> bob: it's my block. what do you expect? >> andrea: right. it is twisted. but i do think it's -- men have been doing this for a very long time. >> bob: doing what? >> andrea: there is a different stigma, well going after younger women. it's more acceptable than when a woman does it. i think everything has become so sexualized now that women who do this feel like it's not a stigmatizing as it was before. there is something about feminism that lets them know i can do everything a man does. i can go after that young boy. i deserve it.
2:51 pm
40 is the new 50. yeah. i'll marry him. the parents go to okay. >> bob: he wasn't old enough for consent so the mother signed a deal. >> andrea: this is turning women to sexualized freaks. >> greg: that's a bad thing? >> andrea: that is the question. for this young boy,be maybe not. >> dana: i think this is -- i don't know whether it's an illness, it's child pedophili pedophilia. just because it's a boy, he was just as much a victim as any girl was. >> bob: that is right. there are stories with female teachers having sex. remember in new hampshire she went to jail for a number of years and came out and married him? >> eric: marry kay latourneax. but it's double standard. 42-year-old male having sex with 15-year-old student, those guys are rape and it's in jail. i don't know why it's a female teacher committing the crime, statutory rape, it shouldn't
2:52 pm
be as frowned upon as the male. >> dana: he could have had a bright future. he was 15 when this happened. agreed to marry at 17 and mom signs off on it and now he is busted for larceny. >> greg: i bet his friends think he had a bright future because he had sex with a teacher. >> dana: at 42. do they still think that? >> greg: not good choice on either part. i want to address bob's question about the three name thing. when you are arrested they put your middle name in there so other people aren't mistaken for you. that's why everybody has three names. >> bob: is that right? i didn't know that. let me ask you a question. why are they in jail for raping female students and not hear about them wanting to marry the female student? >> dana: do men want to get married at all? >> bob: no. >> andrea: the couple on vh1 rehab with the girl that is 16 years old and the actor. >> dana: it's a sickness. >> eric: we are not sure she wanted to marry him.
2:53 pm
didn't she marry him to get out of jail? >> bob: wouldn't you marry him to get out of jail? >> greg: i'd marry to stay in jail. >> andrea: a hollywood about this, movie about >> player: robinson and songs, blame david lee roth hot for teacher. >> bob: i have the academic intellectual segment of the show. >> dana: i had prince harry. >> greg: you had prince harry? >> dana: captain of wales. ♪ ♪ nexium, the purple pill,
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an entirely new pursuit. >> eric: okay. time for one more thing. dana is kicking it off. >> dana: big week for me culturally. i got to go to the ballet and tomorrow i'm going to the opera. new york is getting a new country radio station. it is nash fm 94.7. i am very excited about that. nothing, you thought that people, the media was excited to see obama yesterday. wait until you see me on saturday night in atlantic city watching a concert with maria lambert and dierks bentley. >> you are touring right now with kierks. how did it come about? did you approach him about this? >> we have been on tour together two other times. dierks and i. we just really fit together. we kind of have the same fan base and the same type of music. we love, you know, for the whole tour to feel like a big
2:58 pm
old party. one big happy family. came time to figure out what we'd do in 2013 it felt right to go out with dierks again because the other times we toured together it worked out. it is happy family. we have kids and dogs. i mean, tierks brings the girls out. freddie history of one more thing, talking about -- >> dana: she was talking about a partnership. he is likes dogs, too. freddie why do we need to see a whole interview we saw on "fox and friends." i got to see two country music interviews. >> eric: we need to move on. we have to move on. two musical one more things. very quickly. marine corps band confirmed that beyonce was in fact lipsynching the national anthem. you can't make this stuff up. freddie impeach obama. >> eric: number two, any
2:59 pm
question that hollywood loves president obama, listen to this. >> obama's on fire. ♪ ♪ ♪ obama's on fire ♪ he is walking on fire ♪ obama's on fire ♪ ♪ >> greg: eric, eric, somebody call the fire department, the president's on fire! [ laughter ] screaming. everybody is just sitting there. >> dana: she is so qualmly playing. >> greg: he's on fire! the president. >> andrea: i now have a sound bite of country music singer -- >> bob: is this the other -- >> andrea: i'm teasing the control room got nervous, something to repulse everyone as much as the last two did. i don't. all right. maybe i do. sorry. it's going to repulse greg. justin bieber's mom patty mallett came out

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